I’ve bypassed it and it’s definitely related to the softener. Adding bleach to with warm water may help to dissolve solid mass of Salt before removal of unit. Currently My salt is down around #3 toward the bottom, and the water level is at #7. It wasn't using salt so I cleaned the venturi and nozzle as recommended in the owners manual and removed all the salt.. REMEMBER THAT THE RESIN TANK WILL SHIFT Parts and Valves. I had no water readings for days. Download a copy of the Owner's Manual. Thank you. IMPORTANT: The two small black flow plugs are different! I am not sure if that is normal or not. Tip the bottom of the softener up a few inches and A simple modern pump would be more reliable and efficient. Tip the brine my brine tank was always full and little softening taking place. I cleaned the nozzle and venturi assbly per the manual but it's the same. I looked at the kenmore manual and found that you have the numbers on the plugs reversed. Wat if the salts are all bunch up like a block of ice. I turned the bypass off and now my water softener is working. I was surprised to find none of that. So right where it comes out of the softener head. // Image call The factory default is OFF; however, in the State of California the Salt Saver feature must be used. Orders-Shipping-Info. There is an indispensable interactive animation at kenmorewater.com [NOTE: The original site stopped working. I have same issue after replacing gasket. ADD WATER AND SALT TO THE SALT SANITIZE THE WATER SOFTENER/SANITIZE STORAGE TANK AFTER SERVICE 1. There is writing imprinted on the plugs to help you identify them. Search our store. Fleck / Pentair. and pour about 3 oz. I use the HEIMDALL Led Headlamp Flashlight. Hi, my brine tank is full too. google_ad_width = 180; Contact Us . google_ad_slot = "6432986512"; Take off both You may need to turn off a water softener for one of a number of reasons, including when you are heading out on vacation. I saw a video with the bypass disengaged and looked at mine. When I first set out to repair my water softener, I was expecting to find a complex set of pumps and valves and such. CAREFULLY, tip it over until the rim rests on the Ge Water Softener Top Models’ Reviews GE GXSH45V Water Softener This GE model incorporates SmartSoft technology, designed to monitor your regular water consumption and thus delivering water on demand. Comes with a nice case and only uses a single AA battery. Possible increase in water hardness. As stated above, The flow plug with the smaller hole goes in the venturi (blue part below) and the other one goes in the bottom of the housing. s.channel = "Service_Support"; This can lead to expensive repairs. I have literally spent weeks trying to fix a flooded brine tank in my Kenmore water softener. Like a witches brew. valve. If you have questions, please post comments, but I’m not plumber and don’t know much more than what I’ve written above ;-) If you found this information helpful, please considering donating to help me keep this blog alive. duh. GE salt saver, helps reduce salt consumption and uses up to 34% less salt (based on internal analysis verses GE water softeners manufactured prior to 2009) GE exclusive custom select blending valve allows you to select how soft you want your water. Came across this site a while back. Register Your Appliance; Frequently Asked Questions; Parts & Accessories Store; Contact Us. This way you will not run out of soft running water in your house and at the same time save water. Menu. Excessive water usage. Also, take the float mechanism out and make sure it’s working properly. GE exclusive salt saver - Helps reduce salt consumption and uses up to 34% less salt (Based on internal analysis verses GE water softeners manufactured prior to 2009) GE exclusive days to empty - Makes sure you never have to guess when to refill the salt tank I use a claw hammer when needed. Knowing when salt is needed is easy with GE’s easy-to-use “Days to Empty” indicator on the control panel that lets consumers know when to refill the salt tank. I know some people might be impressed with the ‘venturi’ system, but it is old school and -extremely- wasteful of water. Remove the brine well cover and disconnect the brine A paperclip and small screwdriver are helpful to get the some parts out without dropping and potentially losing them. s.events = "event16"; At WaterSmart, we have over 25 years of experience in the water softener and plumbing industry; and we'd love to share our expertise with you. Click on Symptoms and then Check Flooded Salt Tank. Here a few years ago, I have replaced all of the gaskets and plugs, taken apart the entire valve assembly replacing any O-rings and just making sure it was completely clean. Instead, you get water softener salt crystals that can both free your water of harmful minerals and ensure the longevity of your water softening system. I had a lot of water in the tank so I siphoned most of it out. Sorry Bill. A paperclip can be used to clean the holes on the small black flow plugs. Where do I look next? inlet and outlet fittings or they will break. Well I have an older GE Smart Water conditioner, and have a few problems with the water not being siphoned out of the brine tank. Is the timing mechanism designed to stop the water as well? How did you clean it? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. No tools needed. Let the hot water sit and absorb the salt for about four to six hours. I have the manual with the blow up of the parts in front of me – the one in the nozzle is #35 rated at .1 gpm,, the one in the bottom is #33 rated at .3 gpm. NOTE: THE KENMORE GE AND MAYTAG SOFTENERS USE THE EXACT SYSTEMS (VENTURI, FLOAT, TIMER SWITCH….. . If that part is working, nearly everything is easily self-serviceable without using any special tools. Unfortunately, the flash animation does not allow me to progress after using the “no” answer for this issue, lol. Checked my drain line and it was clear with no kinks. valve upside down to drain water. The is a high purity salt that can effectively soften your water to prevent the buildup of scale in any part of your plumbing system. The 1” full port design allows for the high- 14” X 14” X 36” Space Saver brine tank (for 32,000 gr. You’ll want to inspect and clean the nozzle and venturi parts inside. As expected, GE water softener units are designed to combat hard water problems within a specific area. InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. Lift It’s sort of easy to understand how the device can fill and flush out the various tanks with water. //-->. Thanks for a very helpful article. 8. s.prop5 = s.prop4; Brine and backwashing water should now be done by a pump, not a venturi. plastic installation adaptors, or from the bypass I have also found the rubber seal in the bottom of the suction/fill tube does gets stuck in the closed position (when it is filling) and then won’t drop down allowing any of the brine to be siphoned out. two tank model) Water Treatment Professional Two Tank Models – Commercial. A leaking faucet or toilet valve. It sits on top of the venturi which has really tiny canals in it and over time the gasket will conform to them creating the grooves. After switching them, the fill cycle allowed the correct amount of water into the brine tank. Basically, you first bypass the softener by pushing in the Bypass Valve plunger, take the hood off the water softener and then disassemble the venturi housing. Mine was engaged. The animation will walk you though a bunch of steps; however, it’s likely that the problem is in the venturi assembly so, click No when it asks if you cleaned it. My Cart. The only thing to watch out for is that the manual says it is shipped with bypass mode off, mine was not. Replacing our gasket (part # 7204362) purchased via the Amazon link above worked for our Kenmore 350 model 625.383500. One thing you will definitely need is a small paperclip or toothpick. var s_code=s.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code); Water softeners has several helpful options and features: Low Salt Alarm: When the Low Salt Alarm is enabled, a beeper will sound when the "Days to Empty" value is 15 days or less. The only thing to watch out for is that the manual says it is shipped with bypass mode off, mine was not. out. Dang it! POST a QUESTION or COMMENT about how to diagnose water softener operating problems: how long the softener runs, how much water is in the brine tank, how much salt, how salty or soft is the household water, more. You can adjust how long the Prerinse lasts. We did NOT siphon the water out of the flooded tank. It’s correct in my blog post. Originally posted on www.ge.com. Choose the RIGHT model with this quick GE water softener model comparison table. Unlike our previous choice, this one doesn’t come in pellets. Anyone know what to look at next? Thanks Ken. The mechanics of a water softener are pretty straight forward once you understand how it works. Wish I could be more help. Having the exact same issue. After I put the Venturi assembly together I found that there was too little water going into the brine tank during the “fill” cycle. Most hard water contains traces of dirt, iron and other minerals that can build up in your water softener over time. Ran the softener … No, I don’t know how to access that animation now that the site is gone. Submit Search. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. LOGIN MY ACCOUNT / REGISTER LOGOUT. Additional Support Links. As a result, canals in the venturi will start to close impeding the flow of water. If it has grooves in it or is falling apart, replace it. BLOCK WITH A CLEAN BLANKET OR SOMETHING WHEN MOVING UNIT BACK IN. What amazed me was the ingenious way it uses water pressure to create a vacuum to suck the water from the brine tank reversing the flow of water using the same hose! These particular systems use a brine solution to wash away the hardness minerals and regenerate the sodium-charged resin beads – which are essential to the water softening process. Thanks for any insight at all – I’m at the point of calling someone, but need to find a local repair shop that will service these models. Thank you for taking the time to share this info. But what sets it apart from the rest of the water softeners in the market today is their SmartWater/Smart Soft technology in which the device can “learn” the water usage pattern of a particular household and adjust its operation accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency. Now, there are several stages to the water softening process, but the two most important with respect to the flooding problem are Fill, which just fills the brine tank with water, and Brine, which moves the salty water from the brine tank to the resin tank where the water “softening” happens. Water softeners are designed to prevent minerals from scaling on your pipes and fixtures, but funnily enough, they are subject to salt – which is still a mineral – scaling inside the tank and within the system’s lines. Nothing. I found 3 small pieces of black hardened debris blocking the inlet of the drain elbow fitting at the softner head and drain hose elbow junction. I hope this little post helps someone! google_ad_client = "ca-pub-0866751849626771"; Backwash and Fast Rinse: If you experience salty tasting water after regeneration, you may need to increase the rinse times up to 10 minutes in 1 minute increments. Turning the water softener bypass valve into bypass mode is usually all that is required. 7. New (3) from $799.00 + FREE Shipping. This softener has been proven to deliver soft water for at However, because water softeners are installed right at the beginning of the plumbing, they can affect the whole system. wood block with the inlet and outlet over the drain. Carefully remove the large holding clips at the softener inlet and outlet. It definitely had some channeling. Aside from dirt particles messing with the water flow, this gasket is the likely problem for a flooded tank. If you found this information helpful, please considering, Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), https://web.archive.org/web/20170930055535/http://kenmorewater.com/Kenmore-main.swf, Winter Park and North Catamount Reservoir – Aug-Sep 2018. You can also save on salt, water, and energy by using up to 50% less detergent for laundry and dishwashing*, using up to 34% less salt and up to 35% less water during regeneration. 3. The light tilts up and down and is very compact. A water softener shouldn’t cause reduced pressure unless it’s incorrectly installed or it’s undersized. I’ve cleaned out the brine tank completely, it was packed solid in the bottom. Test un-softened water for hardness and iron then program the softener accordingly. Leave the softener I can also blow through the entire line without issue. If I had to do it over, I would have just ordered the whole Venturi and nozzle assembly (7238450). The Salt Saver technology makes it 34% more efficient when it comes to salt consumption, and it even consumes 35% less water when it runs to be efficient on all fronts. any luck in the water level going down? Softenerparts.com. I have found that if I place 2 sets of O-rings on each of the venture inlets, I get a better seal for suction. The only mechanized part is a clock-like component whose purpose is to change the flow of water for the various connections. YOUR WATER, YOUR WAY GE Water softeners with Custom Select TM blending valve allow you to select how soft you want your water. drain hoses. My question is not found in these FAQs. s.prop3 = s.channel + "|Support Search"; To prevent it caking like that, give it a good stir every few days. For homeowners who live in areas with hard water, a GE SmartWater water softener system can make bathing and showering a much more pleasurable experience. So hard to say. You got those images from the really slick and helpful animation on kenmorewater.com but now the web page is gone! I would think right above the salt. However, problems may occasionally arise with your water softener that prevent it from operating properly. Do you know how I can find that animation again? Fix a long water softener regeneration cycle or a water softener that is stuck in regeneration mode: water softener runs too long. #2 Water Softener Problems Salt Bridges. When you reassemble the venturi housing, make sure you do it in the correct order and get the small black plugs in their correct spots. Where is the water level supposed to be normally when in service mode? Thanks! 6. Salt Saver/Salt Efficiency: When Salt Saver is ON, the softener may use less salt and less water but could regenerate more often. Link to my YouTube video with the basic steps. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Replace the Use two or more people to move end lift brinewell cover. The venturi housing top just unscrews. The softener has a rated salt efficiency of not less than 4,000 grains of total hardness exchange per pound of salt (based on sodium chloride), and shall not deliver more salt than its listed rating or be operated at a sustained maximum service flow rate greater than its listed rating. As long as the main clock mechanism is working, it should be pretty easy to fix. We replaced the venturi gasket. inlet and outlet with rags to keep dirt, bugs, etc. Backwash and Fast Rinse: If you experience salty tasting water after regeneration, you may need to increase the rinse times up to 10 minutes in 1 minute increments. This one does not work in Chrome]. Email support@softenerparts.com. Self-cleaning sediment filter protects your home's plumbing. The factory default is OFF; however, in the State of California the Salt Saver feature must be used. the brine valve out of the brine well. THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE laying like this until you are ready to use it. Here a few years ago, I have replaced all of the gaskets and plugs, taken apart the entire valve assembly replacing any O-rings and just making sure it was completely clean. Refilling the salt in your salt-based water softener is a major part of its ongoing maintenance. It’s too tight. I have also found that if I don’t place the smaller flow plug in the venture, I also get better siphoning out the brine tank. Separate the softener from the //s.eVar15 = ""; Prerinse: If your water contains sediment,the Prerinse feature removes sediment from the resin bed prior to regeneration. When used in water softener pellets it is highly effective. I turned the bypass off and now my water softener is working. Examine the large gasket closely. When I have the float out and put the tube in water, it does not draw anything out. Salt Saver/Salt Efficiency: When Salt Saver is ON, the softener may use less salt and less water but could regenerate more often. ONCE SOLID SALT IS REMOVED. (If you want to know more, the How Your Water Softener Works section in the user guide was extremely helpful.). the salt hole cover and the main cover. I can cycle the system and the water in the tank drains out but seems to be filling again. Make sure you keep track of them and remember which goes where! Bill, try this link https://web.archive.org/web/20170930055535/http://kenmorewater.com/Kenmore-main.swf but note that it does not work in Chrome. Tip unit over following the below procedure and the spray tank out with hot water from garden hose connected to shower head. You can remove unit and and take take outside. 5. I have replace the inner workings of the Venturi, taken apart the float mechanism, (which had no sediment), and I still have a tank that is filling with water. Lay a piece of 2 inch thick board. Bypass the softener and see if you still have water pressure issues. JUST SAVE YOUR FLOW PLUGS FOR VENTURI SYSTEM if replacing. s.hier1 = s.prop5; Salt-Free Water Softeners: Salt free water softeners condition water without the use of salt which is desirable for many households who wish to reduce their salt consumption. To prevent them from causing low pressure you should ensure they are sized correctly to keep up with the demand . In the Brine stage, water is sucked from the brine tank through the same tube used to fill the tank. Today we are going to tell you how you can put your water softener in bypass. Remove the cap from the brine well and again dump in some hot water. This past time the unit actually overflowed a little bit during the cycle. Incidentally, we discovered we were missing a flow plug so we replaced those as well (1148800) and (0521829). I do have suction at the venturi if I pull off the tube and place my finger over it. Evaporated Salt Pellets- Evaporated salt is of 100% purity, the purest form of all sodium-based water softener pellets. Does that mean it is working and once the water level gets to the bottom, all should be good? 4. s.prop4 = s.prop3; If you notice that the salt in your brine tank is running low, you’ll need to refill it as soon as possible. We'll step you through the process of putting your water softener in bypass for different types of units. It measures 14.4” in width by 22.4” in depth by 47.6” in height and weighs 105 pounds to make maneuvering it non-problematic during the installation process. To me, this is the most complex portion of the water’s journey through the system and probably why most problems occur here. Do not allow the softener’s weight to rest on the The water softener’s exclusive Salt Saver™ helps reduce salt consumption and uses up to 34 percent less salt. You may want to take photos with your phone for reference later. It took me a while to understand how the darn thing worked, but once I figured it out, my problem and, more importantly, the fix seemed obvious. Hold the base so you don’t crack anything, while twisting counterclockwise. There is also a tiny screen screen filter which often gets stuck to the large gasket, so be careful not to lose it. Plug the If it isn’t a bad gasket or dirt in the venturi, make sure the tube to the brine tank is clean and doesn’t have kinks or is broken. 4 Unplug the transformer at the wall outlet. … /* ST_Sidebar */ Remove Thanks. The way this happens is that water moves through the venturi housing creating a vacuum. As you may know, such an effect can be especially devastating to your boiler and water … Originally posted on www.ge.com. Well I have an older GE Smart Water conditioner, and have a few problems with the water not being siphoned out of the brine tank. Once I got these kirks figured out, it works perfectly. This is all covered in the animation. I got mine on Amazon. I cant find it on amazon, Nick, it’s in my post above. I can’t get the Venuri Top off. Specially formulated to outperform other water softening salts, System Saver®II is complete with a patented formula that helps keep your softener clean, problem-free and running longer. can u link for me were to buy a new gasket. Thanks! I’m not doing stupid at the moment.”,