At first glance people don't see it in him but when it's needed it shows itself in spades. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Three years later found him still in "the dungeon" (the basement of the museum), still maintaining the boiler and running any other little errands that the "real" chairmen of departments needed. Commander Rourke: Can you drive a truck? Princess Kida: (about Milo) You are a scholar, are you not? He awakes to find a group of hunters with spears and giant, glowing masks surrounding him. Fox, and by James Arnold Taylor in the sequel. Milo leads a gang of Atlanteans and crew members on flying Atlantean devices to retrieve the princess and save the Atlantean way of life. Mar 20, 2019 - Explore Aaron's board "Milo James Thatch" on Pinterest. I am located in Melior which, if my sources are correct, is where the ship is currently docked. I'm Milo Thatch, cartographer, linguist, Consort to the Queen of Atlantis. It had gotten buried thousands of feet under the surface of Reial during a cataclysmic event of volcano eruptions and massive earthquakes. A battle ensues, and Rourke, always cool and calculated, reveals his true colors as a villain to be reckoned with as Milo and he duke it out. Milo comes off conqueror, slicing Rourke with a shard of crystal-enhanced glass, and transmogrifying him into a product of the crystal's raw power, and he comes in contact with the rotating propellor of his hot air balloon. They go to the king to try and find where the crystal is, and nearly kill him in an attempt to secure the proper information. He's rather nerdy and naive. Thaddeus Thatch died a broken man. Intellectually curious, he wishes to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and uncover the lost city of Atlantis, the language of which only he can decipher. Milo's one of my favorite heroes in the Disney pantheon, mostly because I identify with him. Milo: Close enough. My name is Milo Thatch and I am an experienced cartographer with esteemed credentials looking for a job on your ship. That's good. Milo is the kid that had his lunch money stolen, his glasses thrown on the ground so he had to crawl on his hands and knees squinting to find them, and the last one picked for every team that required any sort of athletic prowess. :) Milo James Thatch is accepted into the Walt University, a college for all Disney animated Characters (Or semi-animated in the case of Giselle and Prince Edward). Employed in Washington, D.C. as a linguist at the Smithsonian Institute. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Milo James Thatch is the main characters of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. : Abdo Hakim / عبدو حكيم [wikipedia] Brazilian : Manolo Rey Bulgarian : Marian Bachev / Мариан Бачев [wikipedia] Even though he possesses brainpower far beyond the average populace, he doesn't often get asked for advice. But he needs someone to fund a voyage. He started proposing expeditions to anyone and everyone he thought may be interested. Feel free to ask me any questions! Profile Navigation. It-It must have taken hundred... No, thousands of years to carve this thing. Judging from your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else! When Milo was a bit older Thaddeus would leave for months at a time on small, low-funded expeditions, most of them unsuccessful. 33 Watchers 12.7K Page Views 5 Deviations. Thanks to the deciphering of the Atlantean language of the Shepherd's Journal (due to the efforts of linguist Milo James Thatch, the protagonist of the film), the crew were able to locate the lost city of Atlantis hidden underground near Iceland. Rourke is never surprised and he's got a lot of guns. The Sky Tides Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Milo: Oh, my decision? Okay, so it was a bumper car at Coney Island, but it's the same basic principle. High quality Milo Thatch gifts and merchandise. Princess Kida: Cookies are sweet, but yours is not. Though he is generally kind and understanding, Milo can get a little pushy and overbearing when his he thinks his beliefs are being questioned. I didn't even eat carrots! Kida takes Milo to an underwater cavern, in hopes that he will be able to decipher the carvings and drawings on the wall, and Milo discovers that the crystal he had read about in the journal isn't a battery or a treasure, it's a life force, keeping all of them alive for thousands of years. Audrey Ramirez: Come on we better make sure he doesn't hurt himself! Join Facebook to connect with Milo James Thach and others you may know. Contents. See, Milo is an extremely passionate and dedicated person when it comes to his interests and goals and though he doesn't always realize it, this oftentimes scares people away. Send Note. Milo James Thatch is a character who is originally from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Milo James Thatch. Taking his lieutenant Helga Sinclair, Milo and Kida down, they discover a high-ceiling, stone chamber with the crystal high above a lake, with stone representations of the kings of the past surrounding it. Where he meets the beautiful, clinical and mysterious Megara, the lovely and lively Rapunzel, with a series of other great Disney characters. Before Mr. Whitmore died, Milo swore to him that he'd use every ounce of life he possessed to track down whatever remained of the lost city of Atlantis. Milo-James-Thatch. Milo possesses bravery and hardiness of a unique kind. Before long, Milo and the crew find the legendary city of Atlantis, and Milo learns the girl who healed him is Princess Kida. In addition to his formal training as a linguist and translator, Milo was tutored by the legendary Thaddeus Thatch (Paternal Grandfather) in the fields of Cartography and Archaeology. After years of Thaddeus' lack of success the financiers of his expeditions began to lose faith in him. Join Facebook to connect with Milo James Thatch and others you may know. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He started his studies at Oxford University in 1896. Of course now there remains no evidence of the existence of such a city and most believe it to be a myth. ALL; MOVIES (2) GAMES (3) NEW FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown to view VAs grouped by reprisals. Vinny: Hey, look, I made a bridge. Only recently Milo has learned that Thaddeus actually did finally find the Shepherd's Journal and it's now in Milo's possession. Preston Whitmore's will left Milo with a nice chunk of change to start out with but there was much left to be done. History Talk (0) Comments Share. Ketak Race, Anyone? He is preparing for a presentation he has scheduled with the board of directors to seek funding to locate a book called the Shepherd's Journal inIceland, believing it will lead them to Atlantis. Let's re-cap. His logic, common sense, and fair judgment make him wise beyond his years and he's quite the scholar. The only problem was, once someone found this journal they would need to translate it from the dead language of Atlantean or else the information it held would be useless. I lead a band of plundering vandals to the greatest archaeological find in recorded history, thus enabling the kidnap and/or murder of the royal family, not to mention personally delivering the most powerful force known to man into the hands of a mercenary nutcase who's probably gonna sell it to the Kaiser! Despite this he's been cooped up and caged which has made him desperate for any kind of excitement or advancement in life. Milo James Thatch is a cartographer and linguist. He'd learned of a book called the Shepherd's Journal. Thaddeus Thatch slaved endlessly to discover the location of the lost city of Atlantis. Milo Thatch Milo James Thatch is the unlilkely hero of Atlantis: The Lost Empire(2001). One thing he hates is letting people down so he tries extra hard to finish what he begins and never give up when people are depending on him. Home Gallery Favourites Posts Shop About. Commander Rourke: Are you sure you're checked out on this class of vehicle? Milo longed to go with his grandfather but was urged to remain diligent with his studies. Thaddeus had made more progress on the discovery of Atlantis than any historian or archaeologist ever had. He has a hard time discerning when people are joking or when it's serious business (though usually it's the former and Milo himself is the brunt of the joke) and his sense of humor could use a little work. I've had extensive education and training in the area of navigation and can produce a lengthy resume if requested. Why, I think we've seen how effective my decisions have been. Milo James Thatch subscribed to a channel 5 months ago Tejeartes Cali - Channel. "Look, I have some questions for you, and I'm not leaving this city until they're answered!" Milo-James-Thatch. As a linguist and scholar, he tries to present a plan for his expedition to find the Shepherd's Journal and with it, the key to finding Atlantis, but he's laughed at by the heads of the museum. Milo James Thatch… Milo James Thatch: I didn't say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing. It was a book which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be the one and only Shepherd's Journal! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Having been orphaned by a railway accident in 1885, Milo Thatch was raised and educated by his grandfather Thaddeus Thatch (see related files: Archeological Expeditions led by, Diplomatic Relations brokered through, Patents held by, and Georgetown Incident). 15 likes. Profile Navigation. He is deeply interested in history and geography and has a strong sense of adventure. Despite his failings in instances of popularity or "fitting in", Milo excels in many others. Vinny: With something like that I would have white wine, I think. However, he didn't know this home for very long as both of his parents were tragically lost to a jungle disease they'd picked up during one of their travels when Milo was only four years old. Milo James Thatch | 28 Anthropology Professor The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. {{{You may use this section to outline your character's relationships with others. }}}, {{{A little miscellaneous section for you. Thaddeus believed it was his destiny to prove them wrong. When they surface, Milo is surprised to find a mutinous crew, led by Commander Rourke, who indicate that they are all on the expedition to find and bring back the crystal, and sell it to the highest bidder. Milo is the grandson of legendary explorer Thaddeus Thatch, longs to discover the truth of Atlantis, but at first is restricted to the confines of a history museum's boiler room. Sure, you got your steering and your gas and your brake and, of course, this metal, uh, looking... thing. Dr. Sweet: Well, you did set the camp on fire and drop us down that big hole. 4.1 Atlantis: The Lost Empire; 4.2 Atlantis: Milo's Return; 5 House of Mouse; Sw... Good. He handed Milo a gift from his grandfather who had told Mr. Whitmore to only give it to Milo when he was ready. It supposedly had been written to secure the secrets to finding the lost city shortly after the city's concealment. Many people regarded Thaddeus as a kook and thought nothing of his expeditions. Milo: Great. {{{Insert a little blurb about your character here.}}}. In 1914, Milo James Thatch is working as a linguist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. (Vinny blows it up, and it falls down over a chasm) Thaddeus Thatch, Milo's grandfather and hero, took him in and raised him like a son. Milo Thatch/Gallery < Milo Thatch. Feb 15, 2019 - Explore Spacegay's board "milo thatch", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. View the profiles of people named Milo James Thach. He's admirable and interesting, clever and honorable, his motivations are pure, and he's a great all-around character. Princess Kida: You do swim, do you not? His own research on Atlantis hadn't been enough convince the stuffy, close-minded chairmen and they had begun to patronize and belittle him, pushing him further and further into the dark abyss of his dead-end job. Atlantis - the Lost Empire (2001) Albanian (200?) Milo James Thatch is the unlikely hero who saved the lost empire of Atlantis from the mercenary commander Rourke. This combined with his stubbornness and tenacity can make him a difficult and frustrating person to deal with, but if you find some way to show him appreciation for his hard work and ambition he'll be your best friend for life. He is a cartographer and one of the few people on Earth who can read the Atlantean language. I'm kind of a big deal. Milo: I-uh, I... okay! Milo took after his grandfather with regard to his affinity and passion for languages and a… Good afternoon. The crew takes a hefty reward with them back to the surface, informing Professor Whitmore that his and Thaddeus Thatch's theories about Atlantis were true, but swearing an oath of secrecy to protect them. He studies ancient history and linguistics and has managed to make a living off of his knowledge of cartography. Born to a hard-working and adventurous couple in Melior, Milo started life in a loving home with much to stimulate his imagination and mental growth. Milo stays behind and becomes a prince of Atlantis, with Kida by his side. See more ideas about thatch, atlantis the lost empire, milo. When he insists he doesn't know where it is, Rourke suddenly realizes that it's beneath the king's chambers. When Mr. Whitmore, a rich, eccentric friend of his late grandfather's offers him a position as the linguist on an expedition to Atlantis, the Journal already having been located, Milo finally gets his chance to prove his theories right. Audrey is sweet, but she is not your doctor. It was an ancient city that legends say once lay spread out on a massive island in one of Reial's largest lakes. He's extremely intelligent and usually has things figured out long before everyone else. Why is it always carrots? They called him a quack and gave his reputation the last nail in the coffin. Point Counter: 188 Milo James Thatch is a linguist and cartographer who is employed in the Smithsonian Institution as the boiler maintenance guy. And the little digging animal called Mole, he is your pet? Of course, Milo received a fine education at a prestigious college in Melior, his studies focusing mostly on cartography and linguistics. Very early in life Milo became enthralled with his grandfather's work and soon ensnared a passion of his own for the lost city and its secrets. }}}, {{{You may use this section to link to important logs, comment threads, etc. The film was a definite change from the usual Disney formula, but I think it was a welcome change, a sort of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adventure story, with an ensemble cast, and I think it worked well. See more ideas about atlantis the lost empire, milo, thatch. Milo is the grandson of legendary explorer Thaddeus Thatch, longs to discover the truth of Atlantis, but at first is restricted to the confines of a history museum's boiler room. Milo is designated to break the ice with Kida, and he and she make an arrangement to ask and answer each other's questions. It's where your interests connect you with your people. The crew, led by the seemingly stalwart Commander Rourke, requests an audience with the King, who reminds Kida that the law requires any outsiders who find the city must be put to death. Milo is voiced by Michael J. One night when Milo inadvertantly begins a fire that consumes much of the team's camp, he's injured and knocked out. One of them (and the biggest one), the Melior Museum of History, wouldn't even listen to his proposals. Have I left anything out?!? Still, he enjoys spending time with friends and possesses a true and loyal heart. He'd need a crew and a ship and then... he had some pitching to do. Images of Milo Thatch from the Atlantis: The Lost Empire franchise. Milo is a navigator on the Silvana and tends to make it quite well-known that he is searching for the lost city of Atlantis. Thaddeus had been a milestone in the Thatch history of great explorers and had made many grand discoveries. Check out our milo james thatch selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. It only took me like, what? cartographerlinguistplumber-blog. Milo soon discovered that his grandfather had been working most of his life to find the Shepherd's Journal and he himself started his own research to help the project along. Audrey: Well, I've got news for you, Milo. Whitmore had agreed to finance the expedition that finally unearthed the precious book. Sweet is kindly, but that is not his name. Part of He'd come from a long line of explorers, historians, and generally adventurous people who'd left behind many keepsakes and artifacts that decorated his childhood home. Edit. Milo-James-Thatch. Well, do you have any suggestions? (Princess Kida appears and grabs Milo from behind) Milo: (frustrated) Thank you... thank you... Milo: (to himself) Okay, Milo, don't take no for an answer. Don't get shot! In 1914, Milo James Thatch is working as a linguist at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Eleven, tops. Feel free to use as you wish.}}}. Here's the plan. Disney and BBC's movie-spoof of "Atlantis: Milo's Return",, 1 Cast: 2 Movie Used: 3 Clips Used: 4 Voices: 5 Scenes: 6 Gallery: Milo James Thatch - Bob the Builder Princess Kida Nedakh - Wendy (Bob the Builder) Nurse - Sara Clifton (Postman Pat) Audrey - Kelly (Handy Manny) Vinny - Manny Garcia (Handy Manny) Gaetan Moilere - Spud the Scarecrow (Bob the Builder) Dr. Sweet - Postman Pat … Milo, the incurable and hopeless, but adorable nerd that he is, is a little tongue-tied at first around the statuesque and dramatic Kida, but their differences make them a good pair, and she confides to him that a bright light took her mother when she was young, and that there is a life force that keeps but alive, but their culture and way of life is dying. Milo refuses to turn mercenary like the rest of them, but when he tries to stop them, Rourke kicks him down and threatens Kida. It's gotta be half a mile, at least. We're gonna come in low and take 'em by surprise. He'd never succeeded in his quest and Milo, his only living relative was slowly realizing that the struggle for Atlantis was coming to an end. Some clues had been left all over history giving evidence of the existence of this book, though none existed supporting the city itself. 1 Promotional Material; 2 Stock Art; 3 Concept Art; 4 Films. Milo: Oh, I swim pretty girl... Pr-Pretty *good*, pretty good. Out of the midst of this gloom that had settled over his life, Milo was approached by an employee of a multi-millionaire by the name of Preston Whitmore and was taken to his grand mansion to meet the man who had been Thaddeus Thatch's last hope. Ten seconds? Unfortunately he wasn't exactly in a position of influence. Pretty good. All 4. Oh, and he has a cat named Fluffy. Milo can be seen in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Atlantis: Milo's Return. Milo: This is an illustration of the Leviatan, the creature guarding the entrance to Atlantis. It calls Kida to it, and, like her mother, she is used as an agent to house the crystal. Thaddeus made it his life's goal to track down the legendary Shepherd's Journal, the book that would show the way to Atlantis. Milo: Will you look at the size of this? : Neritan Liçaj Arabic : Ahmed El-Sakka / أحمد السقا [wikipedia] Arabic TV (201?) Afterwards, he started working at the Smithsonian institute in Washington DC. He's an unlikely hero, not really fitting the hero mold, with large, round glasses, and like Kida says, a high forehead and diminished physique, but he rises to the occasion with guts, and manages to save the kingdom and gets the hand of the girl. Milo is the kid that had his lunch money stolen, his glasses thrown on the ground so he had to crawl on his hands and knees squinting to find them, and the last one picked for every team that required any sort of athletic prowess. She smiles, and runs away with her companions. However, probably the greatest mission he ever embarked on was never finished.