Law Enforcement Ethical Issues Off-Duty Life Upholding the Law and your Rights Necessary Force Acting Impartially Profiling Police officers are expected and required to follow law enforcement ethics as defined by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. routine decision-making between right and wrong issues, more complex ethical situations are harder to solve. 356 Ethical and Moral Leadership in the Military 357 ETHICS THEORY FOR THE MILITARY PROFESSIONAL Chaplain (Col) Samuel D. Maloney Adapted from Air University Review 32, no. However, it is important to note that the disagreements that arise are actually very narrow in focus. The new report ultimately recommends that DoD make additional efforts to comply with the laws and policies addressing ethical issues. See all volumes and issues Volume 19, 2020 Vol 18, 2019 Vol 17, 2018 Vol 16, 2017 Vol 15, 2016 Vol 14, 2015 Vol 13, 2014 Vol 12, 2013 Vol 11, 2012 Vol 10, 2011 Vol 9, 2010 Vol 8, 2009 Vol 7, 2008 Vol 6, 2007 Vol 5, 2006 Vol 4, 2005 Vol 3, 2004 Vol 2, 2003 Vol 1, 2002 TOP STORIES. Whenever available, links to full-text sites, articles and documents are included. Excerpt from Essay : Ethical Challenges of the War in Afghanistan Ten years after the start of the war in Afghanistan, military leaders still face ethical dilemmas engendered by the war. The captain with only five years in the Army who finds himself deployed to a small town in Bosnia in charge of 200 soldiers is confronted with making ethical decisions on issues … The essay examines moral issues surrounding unconventional warfare or police actions. Current Military Issues (Advocacy Briefing) - BOT only Click on a topic below for a bibliography of Air University Library resources. December 21, 2020 Pfizer, Moderna produce COVID-19 vaccine; December 23, 2020 'Santa Todd' goes virtual to provide holiday joy to … 3 (March-April 1981) T he United States is increasingly concerned with ethics. Each bibliography contains citations to books, documents, articles, and videos which are available in the Center. The GAO also said military … The type of issues that come up in military ethics sometimes do not have straightforward answers, thus it can appear that there is a huge amount of disagreement on fundamental issues, leading to the perception that “it’s all relative”. The overall discussion that develops from the literature reveals more questions than answers. An examination of the culture in the Army’s Green Berets, the Navy SEALs and other special operations troops found shortcomings but no “systemic ethics problem,” after a … Pentagon watchdog says three U.S. generals broke ethics rules for travel ... a trip he took from Hawaii to Fort Rucker in Alabama in which he was promoted to his current rank. Kirby was asked whether Hagel believes ethics lapses are a symptom of over-use of the military for the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.