Toph tried her best, however, to protect Appa from being stolen by sandbenders. I want to enter to win 2,500,000.00 PCH Gwy#11389; How did the man in the story have bandaids instead of nails? Possible answer . [15] Later, after Appa was stolen by sandbenders, Aang accused Toph of allowing the thieves to steal him. [21], Later, when he was forced to confront a ferocious saber-tooth moose lion in order to protect trapped Sokka, Aang finally stood his ground and learned to think like an earthbender. Master Kunyo was a firebending master who maintained a school near Yu Dao, which Toph took over for the Beifong Metalbending Academy. Suyin also inherited earthbending and mastery of the sub-skill of metalbending, although Toph felt that Suyin never quite mastered all the key elements of these skills. Soon after they arrived at the school, Sokka partnered up with Toph on an adventure once again, helping her prepare her students to defend her metalbending school against a rival class of firebenders.[10]. I can't believe a Tokka fan hasn't said anything yet.. XD. [19], Toph and Azula indirectly met for the last time at the Western Air Temple. Moved by his words, Toph acknowledged her father's affection before proudly proclaiming that she would protect everyone in the mine for as long as necessary, and that Lao no longer needed to question her true strength as an earthbender. Sokka and Suki were a sweet couple but now that I think about it there was NO ensuring that they stayed together. I heard a lot of people saying it's Ohev. Twenty years after the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Toph gave birth to a daughter, Lin, who inherited her earthbending abilities and also similarly mastered the sub-skills of metalbending and seismic sense, although Toph felt that Lin never quite mastered all the key elements to these skills. When Aang went on the offensive against Satoru by claiming that it was the refinery's fault that the river had become polluted, Toph was quick to shout at everyone to back off from the engineer and used her seismic sense lie-detecting abilities to verify the truth behind Satoru's defense that the factory was not to blame. 0 votes . Like Aang and Sokka, Katara gladly welcomed Toph into their group. [25] As they escorted Toph back to her home, Xin Fu reminded Toph that her earthbending skills are rendered useless because she was within in a metal container. [1], Toph had a complicated, love-hate relationship with her parents, Lao and Poppy Beifong. O_o. Therefore, she arrested him full of satisfaction. look at amon - everyone was guessing who he was, but bryke made up a whole new character for the man behind the mask. When she was younger, she ran away from home and met these giant earthbenders in a cave. [39] They were separated when Azula attacked the temple. ImanN_ said: i saw this comic online where they run into the nomads again and the nomads give them a "love potion" and everyone had some. In the aftermath of the battle, Toph briefly met Ozai directly after Aang defeated him. Along with the others, Penga was routinely called a "lily liver" by Toph, even when she was not present. Who did Toph marry? in the Legend of Korra Tpoh's daughter is there, so who did she marry? Her eldest, Lin, followed in her footsteps to become the stern yet heroic chief of police in Republic City. This was emphasized when she claimed to have spotted the titular library from Appa's back, only to remind her friends that she was blind. If I had to guess, I'd say The Duke. Toph Beifong (Chinese: 北方拓芙; pinyin: Běifāng Tuòfú) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series. The lack of the progress of Toph's students led her to believe that they would not succeed, and she went to face Kunyo and forfeit their competition. Later, after successfully having saved everyone, Lin apologized for her harsh words, to which Toph admitted she had not been the best mother, though was nonetheless proud of how she had ended up with the great daughters. He brought Toph as his That is unclear, we never find out who Toph liked in Avatar-The Last Airbender but she did show a romantic interest in Sokka. This made Toph exceptionally angry. [16], Suki, Sokka, and Toph journeyed to Wulong Forest, where Aang had just defeated Ozai. [12], Because of Toph's young age and blindness, Sokka was skeptical of her earthbending powers at first. Toph referred back to her meeting with Iroh in order to reassure Zuko about Iroh forgiving him. When Korra followed up on Toph's teachings and advice by bending the metal traces out of her body, the earthbender allowed the Avatar to hug her, noting that she had earned that. Afterward they were sitting next to each other, The Duke on Pipsqueak's shoulders and Toph on The Big Bad Hippo's shoulders. [10], The Dark One was also enrolled in Toph's metalbending academy sometime after the Hundred Year War. Who is Iroh 500 Who did Aang marry? Or, Toph simply didn't tell him. During the stand-off at Yu Dao which happened soon afterward between Zuko and Aang, Sokka tried to keep the crowd gathered outside the gates calm, but was rewarded by being called "a Water Tribe savage" and by a rock to the head, thrown by an unseen member of the mob. in the Legend of Korra Tpoh's daughter is there, so who did she marry? She soon joined him on his quest after running away from home, but not before throwing him into a tree via earthbending to even the score from the tournament. Whenever Lin inquired about his identity, Toph would refuse to talk about Kanto, until 174 AG, when she revealed his name to Bolin, Lin, and Opal.[1]. [27], Toph expressed dislike toward Appa when she angrily pointed out that Appa's shedding left a large trail that allowed Azula to find them no matter how far or fast they flew.[15]. [10], Penga was enrolled in the Beifong Metalbending Academy near Yu Dao sometime after the Hundred Year War. Feeling that this was getting out of hand, Katara confronted her about this behavior, which only caused Toph to lash out at her. Do you want to learn more about Who Did Toph Marry? [4] Their relationship became strained and by 154 AG, they had ceased communicating with each other. Without that who cares, Sokka doesn't seem to have had kids and if he did marry someone it was probably Suki. She prepared to injure Sokka with a concealed shuriken-knife only for Toph to intervene, pinning Azula to the wall and ultimately saving Sokka from serious harm. When Sokka returned, Toph claimed that she had not missed him, but turned aside and blushed afterward, providing more evidence that she had a crush on him. After having pulled away from the hug he and Katara had given her upon her return, Sokka questioned her about the metalbending academy she had recently started up; when he asked how the training was going, however, the best that Toph could say was "meh" (showing her low view of her student's abilities at that point). [19], Toph and Sokka made a superb team while destroying Ozai's airships alongside Suki upon the arrival of Sozin's Comet. Instead, the Earth he did not marry with any one . But yes; a child out of wedlock isn't the 'worse' thing that can happen. [41], Penga was unlucky enough to be caught leaving the school with The Dark One and Ho Tun just as Toph had arrived back at the school with Sokka in tow, something which "Sifu Toph" reacted to by threatening the whole group that she would hurt them so bad that they would not remember what day of the week it was. Who did toph marry? As Chief of Police at the time, she clearly showed the crime lord that she despised him for his illegal actions. This is because if you look back at the last episode of Avatar the last Airbender, you can see how sokka did not end up marrying suki. Katara created an ice bridge for the others to cross before heading out to assist Aang. She was also a realist, pointing out that, besides Zuko, there was no one else who could teach Aang firebending, stressing the prince's importance. Lin finally unloaded on Toph after Bolin received an answer to the question who her father was, blaming Toph for never knowing or caring why she infuriated her. [11], When Loban later yelled at Satoru, who took it without a word, Toph deemed him to have acted like a "sniveling flunky", which was something she could not respect. They were not shown interacting much during the episodes following the failed invasion, but that's likely due to the story focussing on everyone's "Field Trips" with Zuko. When Toph had to return from the group to her school as she had promised her students, Sokka complained that without her being present the "oogies" he was getting from Katara and Aang's romantic displays would only get worse. She was also comfortable with letting him eat nuts out of her hand and ride away on her shoulder while training Aang. See Answer. Maybe while Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko were raising kids he was still out clubbin'. The badgermoles were Toph's true masters and for this reason, she showed respect while discussing them. [1], When they reunited by chance in 174 AG to save a captured Suyin and her family, Toph acted casual with her daughter, inadvertently working on her nerves. Since her main goal was to capture Aang, she considered Toph as more of an obstacle to her trophy, rather than a true enemy. Toph, however, thinking it was Sokka, kissed Suki after being brought to the surface. This, however, did not deter her from accepting him and after he defended the group from Combustion Man, she let him join them under the pretext that it would give her plenty of opportunities to get back at him for burning her feet. Though they could also just be random new characters, of course. In the Si Wong Desert, Katara was the only one who stuck up for Toph when Aang blamed her for not saving Appa.[24]. codyo1 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک: next question » Toph جواب بہترین. [34], Although Toph and Momo barely interacted, they did have a friendly relationship. Asked by Wiki User. The two sat around a fire which Iroh used to make tea and engaged in conversation, although neither indicated their purpose for traveling or the identities of their relations. Long Feng permitted them to enter, but quickly apprehended Toph and the rest of Team Avatar. anda fool! At Suki's comment about the beauty of the comet, Toph said it was too bad that Ozai was going to use it to destroy the world. hace 5 meses by Tophfan1love: a comment was made to the photo: Toph: hace 8 meses by PandoriumPanda During the four-part series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender, “Sozin’s Comet", Toph Beifong (Jessie Flower) helped defeat Fire Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill) and the Fire Nation regime by destroying the Fire Nation’s fleet of airships alongside Sokka (Jack De Sena) and Suki (Jennie Kwan) - but what happened to Toph after the hundred-year war against the Fire Nation ended? Free e-mail watchdog. codyo1 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas: next question » Toph pinakamahusay na sagot. Toph is from the Earth Kingdom, but Gaoling was mostly isolated from the war, and her wealthy family kept her further isolated from the effects of the conquest. just sayin' it's a possibility. Toph dismissively replied, "Leave the nicknames to us, honey". Answer this question. However, Toph's father, Lao Beifong, has the exact skin tone as Su. The relationship between Toph and her parents changed after she met the Avatar. Toph Beifong is an earthbending master, one of the most powerful of her time, and the discoverer of metalbending. Days after the finale suggested the long fan-desired pairing finally happened-- closing on Korra and Asani holding hands and entering the spirit world together -- Konietzo and and DiMartino took to their respective Tumblr accounts to discuss the … After Sokka explained his plans to his sister and her boyfriend, Toph took him by the hand and jumped off Appa without waiting for the bison to land, which caused Sokka to freak out, especially when Toph had to let go of him in order to create the earth-slide which was to cushion their fall. Tokka is the het ship between Sokka and Toph from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Toph harbored great respect and sympathy toward these creatures. Who did Toph marry? She found herself so unwilling to return home under these circumstances that she managed to overcome the given illusion that earthbenders could not manipulate metal in her desire to escape being taken back home to her parents against her will. Iroh noted that Toph was similar to his nephew in the sense that they both tried to do too much by themselves. 2 months ago by Tophfan1love: a comment was made to the photo: Toph: 5 months ago by PandoriumPanda After the town is saved, Lao has now fully embraced Toph for who she is and the two rebuild their bond. She was the youngest of Toph's initial students, and desired to go with her when the blind earthbender left to greet the rest of Team Avatar on Appa; Toph, however, told her to stay put and work on her forms along with the other two students, threatening that they were "really gonna get it" if she found out that they had not when she returned. Toph obiously marryed someone (or loved someone) cause her daugher was featured in the first episode of Korra. Toph resented her parents for their treatment of her and as such, would often run away from home.[7]. After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth King, Toph received a letter she thought was from her mother. Toph Bei Fong is an earthbending master and renowned throughout the world for the part she played in ending the war amongst the nations. Maybe while Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko were raising kids he was still out clubbin'. In the years between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Toph never married — but she did have two daughters from two different fathers. Only Katara was able to reason with him, reminding Aang that Toph had still managed to save the rest of the group even if it was at the cost of losing Appa. Saying that it was enough for her to know that Lin did not hate her, Lin accepted her words and shared a small hug.[1]. When Lao saw Toph again after two years, he refused to acknowledge her, as she was not the girl he had raised. Free e-mail watchdog. codyo1 posted over a year ago: next question » Toph 최고의 답변. : /, Since when is 3 years a gynormous age difference? hace 4 meses by Chibi-Chipette: a comment was made to the poll: is toph hot: hace 4 meses by Chibi-Chipette: an answer was added to this question: Who did Toph marry? Oct 26, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Koralys Rodriguez. Who did Toph marry? [16], Although Toph chose to live in seclusion in the Foggy Swamp, she kept an eye on the world through the vines, learning of how Kuvira had taken over the Earth Kingdom. At night, she secretly visited Zuko at his campsite; Zuko, assuming it was an enemy or a wild beast, accidentally burned her feet. Aang once had a vision of Toph[22] before the two actually met. The avatar did not awaken. posted over a year ago 123cosmo4 said: Maybe Sokka wanted to keep being a free agent and didn't get married. [21], Toph often referred to Aang as "Twinkle Toes", which was likely out of friendly humor rather than insult. The disagreement strained their relationship, as Satoru claimed that Toph had no right commenting on his situation as she did not know what he and Loban had been through. Who did toph marry? Although she was right, Aang immediately jumped to Appa's defense, which resulted in Toph abandoning the group for a short time. Aang told Katara to guide the others to safety while he distracted the serpent. - in the Legend of Korra Tpoh's daughter is there, so who did she marry? If I'm not mistaken, that's one of the very few times Toph hugged a person, as her only hugs were group hugs with Team Avatar. I think, after all of the suicide, terrorism, & police corruption, the show may just believe we can handle the notion that Toph may have had children out of wedlock. And no, this is not Zutara. [26], Moo-chee-poo-chee-la-koo-chee (The Dark One). Share Share Tweet Email. Being that their daughter was blind, her parents viewed her as helpless and fragile and therefore were extremely over-protective of her. recent questions recent answers. They appeared to get along much better as time went on. Toph enthusiastically agreed by saying she would love to be in a partnership with him, though quickly corrected herself by claiming she had meant to say the refinery. Maybe while Aang, Katara, Toph, and Zuko were raising kids he was still out clubbin'. Lao admitted that her mother blamed him for driving her away, and that in his guilt he left to start anew with his new ventures in Yu Dao. They showed her affection as well and ultimately taught her earthbending, most notably their unique way of sensing their surroundings to be able to see. She said that Iroh's constant talk about Zuko was "kind of annoying" but "very sweet". He also trusted Toph to the extent where he told her that he could not remember his mother's face, rather only seeing Katara's when he tried to picture his mother's face; this is a fact which he had not told anyone before. Afterward, he gladly welcomed Toph into their group. She was very embarrassed to find out what actually happened, commenting that Suki could let her drown. In the beginning, she was unwilling to talk to Aang and forcefully kept him quiet when he tried to talk about her earthbending skills during dinner at her parents' house that evening. [26], Toph hated and feared flying, as it rendered her truly blind and severed her connection to the earth; at best, she seemed rather bored and restless while flying on Appa. [7], Toph met Iroh in an Earth Kingdom forest when she temporarily separated from Aang, Sokka and Katara after having an argument. [2] However, the exercise took its toll on her aging body, giving her a sore back, though she was too proud to let Korra know, not wanting to seem weak toward the young woman. By this point, Sokka also seemed to connect with Toph more than with any other character in the group, giving her a piece of meteorite that was used in crafting his sword after they left the swordmaster's residence. i wanted it to be aang and toph and zuko and katara but its who did toph marry and where can i watch avatar: the Finally letting go of his anguish and bitterness, Lao professed his undying love for Toph, having never stopped thinking of her since her disappearance. [14] She later expressed how valuable her meteorite arm bracelet was to her when she let herself get captured by Fire Nation soldiers, only to have her plan backfire on her. He commented that there was nothing wrong with needing help and sometimes people offer help because they want, not because they believe the other person is incapable. Who did Toph Bei Fong marry? [16], Toph was the only one in the group, aside from Appa, who did not dismiss Zuko right away after he expressed his desire to join the team, scolding Aang, Katara and Sokka afterward for letting their hurt feelings cloud their judgment. Who is kya 500 What is sokka's fathers name? Appraising her granddaughter, she fondly noted how much she had grown, though questioned her judgment when learning that Juicy was her flying bison and Bolin her boyfriend. She also insisted that he should not blame himself for his failure to ignore Azula and for the ultimate failure of the invasion which resulted from that, despite Sokka's love for Suki being the reason he fell into the Fire Princess' trap.